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Titan Two-Six will provide outreach to our veteran communities to build and sustain relationships in an effort to avoid future incidents of veteran suicide.

Titan Two-Six is named after our brother, friend, husband, son, and Army Officer Scott, affectionately known as Boo or Boo-Boo. Titan 26 was his call sign in Afghanistan and during that deployment the bonds and relationships he created inside and out of the Iowa Army National Guard touched the lives of hundreds of soldiers and their families. Scott is the reason we created The Titan Project. The approximately 22 veterans a day who decide to end their lives too soon forget what being on the team means. We MUST break the cycle.

Titan Two-Six creates awareness through healthy challenges and by bringing veterans together to talk to each other as a support network so they no longer feel alone or like they cannot fit in with civilian life. During combat operations, we become a band of brothers and sisters--a tribe, if you will. When we come home we split up and in effect lose our tribe. Truth be told, only other members of this tribe understand what has been seen or felt during our service to our country.

The Titan Two-Six line of effort establishes not only suicide awareness events, but also events across the state of Iowa to bring together small groups of veterans to talk about issues they face, to network, and most importantly, to conduct buddy checks with a simple phone call or text each month. One of these events that we have started is Reeling in Vets.

We hope to see these types of outreach programs grow into events that raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention nationwide, including things like golfing, fishing, biking, hiking or any number of activities that will help veterans cope and reintegrate. If you are a veteran and would like to contribute to our line of support please CONTACT US. This will work if we all pull the rope together.